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    钝顶螺旋藻(Spirulina(Arthrospira)platensis869S)是一种蓝藻,具有多种保健作用,而且是一种运用生物技术富集微量元素的良好材料。本文利用蛋白质组学技术 .

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    Graphic artist & designer from Nantes, France. Founder of 3mmi Design graphic studio. Available for artworks, illustrations CD / DVD / book cover & booklet, layouts .

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    L"attrition est la perte de clientèle, de substance ou d"autres éléments non forcément matériels. C"est l"inverse de la rétention. On parle également de .

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    A series of well-defined hybrid block copolymers PMACyPOSS-b-PMMA and PMAiBuPOSS-b-PMMA exhibiting high POSS weight contents have been .

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    Second-language attrition is the decline of . distinguishes types of attrition in terms of which language is . Andrew D. (1989). "Attrition in the productive .

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    Attrition definition, a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength: Our club has had a high rate of attrition because so many members have moved away. See more.

    FLSmidth - WEMCO Attrition Cells

    WEMCO attrition cells achieve the strongest possible attrition of particle surfaces without reduction of particle size

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    Attrition, abrasion, corrosion and . A new perspective on tooth surface lesions JOHN O. GRIPPO, B.S., D.D.S.; MARVIN . incisal abrasion combined with attrition .


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    Portfolio refers to the desired resource allocation across different types of R&D projects and . attrition rates and the timing of attrition dominate the effect of .

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    Encyclopédie pierres naturelles>>TYPE DE PIERRE: albâtres, ardoises, basaltes, brèches, calcaires, Dolomites, gneiss, granites, grès, labradorites, marbres, onyx .